Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)How Businesses Can Improve Their Apps

Unless you are Temple Run or Angry Birds your app is probably not as popular as you wish it was! Businesses are now frantically creating apps and sometimes hastily tossing an app into the world of downloads leads to errors! This is how many businesses can improve!

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Using Video Content in Your Emails

With the rise of youtube and vimeo we are seeing a surge in video content, and with that surge the question rises “Can I email my videos?” In the past the answer would be no. With the improvement of HTML, and the introduction of the video tag we are seeing more and more video finding it’s way into email.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Why Outsourcing Social Media Is a Winning Strategy

On average, business owners waste about 4 billion hours each year dealing with tasks that could easily be delegated to vendors or other employees, yet they work twice as much as their employees. Business strategists recommend delegating as many non-critical tasks as possible to work smarter, not harder. Outsourcing social media is a winning strategy for maximizing the most of your time without sacrificing the quality of your customer engagement campaigns.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Social Startups: Inside Social Shows the Wasted—and Worthwhile—Half of Ad Dollars

“It’s amazing that the most advanced social marketing teams still struggle with knowing if their efforts are successful. We answer that for them and, more importantly, show them how to improve,” says Joey Kotkins, co-founder and CMO of Inside Social. The 2013 Techstar startup offers solutions to track your company's social efforts across multiple social channels all in one place. This includes exactly how your social shares lead to engagement, conversions, signups, purchases, and more.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)"Free Social WiFi" Isn’t Exactly Free

The idea behind the concept of social WiFi is pretty simple: merchants offer free WiFi service to customers who visit their stores in exchange for customers logging into their network using their Facebook or LinkedIn accounts or by giving the merchant their email address. Once the consumer gets access to the WiFi network, they are asked to like the merchant’s Facebook page, or subscribe to a mailing list. But what you (the consumer) may or may not understand is this: by logging into the merchant’s social WiFi network, you are implicitly entering into a business arrangement with the merchant, which allows them to gather your data for marketing purposes.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)7 Ways to Make Your Video Stand Out on Pinterest

Pinterest is best known for pinning recipes that never get made, workouts that never get done and thousands of darn good quotes. But it’s also become a great place for marketers to pin videos. Unlike that “1000 push-ups in 10 days” pin, these videos are actually being viewed.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)The 2014 Digital Dollar Shift [INFOGRAPHIC]

As we enter the last 6 months of 2014, investing in digital spending is quickly becoming a priority with b-to-be marketers. As ROI and creating a streamlined customer experience continues to prove the power of digital spending, we’re seeing a steep drop in traditional marketing dollars as digital strategy grabs a bigger slice of the overall budget. Digital marketing provides a cost-effective, metrics-driven, brand awareness to businesses of all sizes. By investing in digital, B-to-b marketers are nimble and engage more qualified audience for their products.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Personal Branding for Shy People

This article addresses why and how shy people should bolster their personal branding. Different from introversion, shyness can be a barrier to success. Thanks to the opportunities and variety of tools online, there are useful and appropriate strategies for shy people to make a name for themselves, notwithstanding their shy personality.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Building Your Digital Skill Set: The Key Roles of the Modern Marketing Departmet

The success of any digital marketing strategy depends on effectively managing the shift from tactical campaigns to strategic content. It pays for any business to ask itself: does my marketing department have the right people with the right skills?

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)A Guide to Making Your Social Media Smell Better

Is social media for marketing new? Is it rocket science? The answer to both of those questions is a big fat NO! So why are so many businesses still representing themselves on social media in a way that reeks of mediocrity? Take some time to consider these points about your use of social media and test your odour-rating.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Measuring Your Social Media ROI

You’re investing time—which is money—and possibly actual funds on social media. How do you know what ROI (return on investment) you’re getting for these efforts? Is there a way to measure your social media ROI?

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Social Advocacy & Politics: Obama's Former Field Team's Training Program Stirs Up Controversy

This is the story about President Obama special campaign strategy; specifically, it is about the new you-pay internship being offered by former Obama for America 2012’s field team leaders. Under the name 270 Strategies, Jeremy Bird and Mitch Stewart’s one-year old political campaign firm is providing a 5-week internship, where you’ll be placed in a current electoral campaign for $5,000. Sounds like great pay for an intern until you realize the intern has to pay 270 Strategies and the campaign gets the labor for free.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Visual Content Widens the Branding and PR Gap

In a traditional sense, Public Relations practitioners have been wordsmiths; conveying written and (limited) visual messages to the public. PR pros have mainly used words and text to increase awareness and educate people about products, services, controversies, and causes.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Inbound Marketing Best Practices: Don't Forget the Basics in Email Marketing

Today’s plethora of online tools allow marketers to create beautiful emails while using inbound marketing best practices that their customers will be sure to enjoy. Services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and HubSpot assist in creating HTML emails via simple drag-and-drop, allowing even computer novices to create gorgeous emails. But it’s easy to get lost in these tools. Creating a good email is about more than just its design.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Interview with Employee Advocacy Summit Speaker: Liz Bullock

At the 2014 Employee Advocacy Summit in Atlanta this September, Liz Bullock will share lessons, methods and cases from some of the world's largest employee advocacy deployments. She worked on social programs at Dell for 3 years and now runs a consultancy that helps large brands train employees and address cultural challenges in employee advocacy.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)How to Rock Your Twitter Bio

If Facebook is where you connect with your friends, Twitter is where you exchange with professionals from your industry, share articles and ideas, and why not, promote yourself. When Twitter users come across your profile, they will look at your bio, and, let's be honest, your picture. They will assess your popularity by the number of our followers, and will screen your tweets to have an idea of the kind of info you share.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)How to Define Social Influence

Lately, I’ve been reconsidering who I think are influencers in and on my business. There are those who you follow and hang on every word and there are those you watch from afar with admiration but caution. Who we let influence us, both professionally and personally, says a lot about who we are. Are you easily swayed or does it take some research and work?

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Promoting Your Business on LinkedIn

Where LinkedIn really wins over the other social networks is that it offers business value due to the fact that it is based on the professional interests of both businesses and individuals. These characteristics make it the obvious go-to place for sharing important news and information about your brand in order to raise awareness, drive more traffic to your website and increase conversions.

Mark CathcartAustin, divided by roads

Austin Business Journal Editor Colin Pope published an op-ed on the future of I35 through downtown Austin. In the op-ed he was basically saying that any attempt to sink and cover I35 was a waste of money, and they should just add lanes.

I added a biting comment pretty quickly on the dependency on cars, the division of the downtown area. Later in the morning, ABJ added a poll to the article, and in the process, my comment disappeared. I re-wrote a comment and posted it last night. Just in case it vanishes again…

You want growth in downtown, but don’t appear to care how that growth occurs, or what the cost is in terms of noise, dirt or visual impact. You’ve suggested the socioeconomic barrier is being addressed by the private sector, but it really isn’t. Where are the big impact developments, east/west transportation initiatives?

There no real towers on the east side of I35? They are all small scale developments because, I would suggest, developers know [they can't] there is a real future risk because of the separation I35 creates.

While it wouldn’t be my choice, cut-and-cover would allow buildings to be built right over the Interstate, thats one kind of growth. You though seem to prefer to just add lanes, if your objective is just to move traffic through downtown Austin, then lets stop people exiting from I35 between say Oltorf and maybe Airport. Most of the delays are created by people trying to get on/off I35, and people shortcutting driving through the city by getting on and jumping off. Seem draconian ? Not if your objective is just to move traffic through downtown Austin?

Is the downtown future really linked to cars? A 10-lane highway/frontage makes a pretty formidable barrier for anything except cars/buses. IF you live on East-anything except Riverside, you can forget rail, walking and or biking under a 10-lane highway?

How do you see the two cities of Austin developing? Again your passionate plea to just build lanes offers no view on how the increasingly segregated city would develop?

That’s the difference, the cut-n-cover advocates actually have a view of re-uniting the city, instead you are proposing that in 2020 we are still slaves to the car.


I must admit, 24-hours on, I’m left wondering if Colin was just acting as a troll to get opinions for follow-up articles; or worse still, a shill for the Texas roads, car and gas companies.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Is Your Company Paying Attention to Social Listening?

Social listening is a powerful tool for your business. Learn to use it correctly and you'll know your customers needs, provide better solutions, increase profits and move ahead of your competition.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Content Marketers, Here’s How to Hire Your Next Great Leader

Do you want to build out your content team? Find out how to hire a content marketing manager to lead the way.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)An Introduction to Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy is an emerging new marketing strategy where companies empower their influential employees to authentically distribute brand approved content, create original content, and in turn earn recognition and rewards for their activity and participation.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)The B2B Marketing Budget: When to Invest in Digital Marketing

Not sure where to start? Most marketing budgets will need some sort of financial investment in digital tools. Start by checking the freebies off your list. Then decide if your marketing goals are strategic, branding or lead generation and base your decisions on your end goal. The most important step is to monitor your investment and make the necessary changes.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)How to Compete with the Tweet Elite

Do you find Twitter to be an indecipherable mess of characters and abbreviations? Here's an overview, along with some important notes, to help you get the most out of Twitter's common processes.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Smart Marketers Will Approach Employee Advocacy with Caution

Today's savvy digital marketer should be cautious when integrating employees into their marketing mix. Utilizing the right tools and partner is essentially when developing and launching an employee advocacy program. Employees are the voice of a company and can greatly impact the way others view a brand. Be smart and formulate a plan.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)4th Annual UX Awards are September 11-12 in San Francisco- get 15% off early bird tickets on us before July 31!

4th Annual UX Awards, the premier awards for exceptional digital experience, will be held in San Francisco on Sept. 11-12 2014!

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)10 Ways of Becoming Indispensable to Your Social Media Audience

Once you recover the links that are usually lost in new marketing, you need to create value to make your audience grow. I present below 10 ways that can help your brand grow, increasing engagement and ROI, as well as conversions. The objective isn’t an meaningless number but real people who are engaged and proactive.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)How Social Media Impacts Customer Service

There are so many moving parts to a strong customer service strategy, it’s easy overlook the benefits of social media. But do so at your own peril. In today’s world, a presence on social media is as important as having a toll-free phone number. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Two Simple Questions Can Radically Improve Facebook Engagement

Facebook users are keenly aware of the fact that by engaging with your content, they are communicating something to their friends. As a page manager, your job is to create content that helps your target audience express themselves. So each time you sit down to create a post, ask yourself these two questions.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Are You Losing Money with Your Mobile E-Commerce? [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you're hesitant to redesign your business's website responsively, you might think again after analyzing your mobile e-commerce performance. Take a look at some stats showing how customers behave when shopping on mobile and where your potential revenue could be lost.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Generate Leads Online for Your Brick and Mortar Store

If you have a brick and mortar store, you may have written off online lead generation as the domain of ecommerce sites, but that doesn’t need to be the case. Here are just a few ways that local businesses can use online marketing to reach out to their target audience and get more customers in their stores.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)You Need to Know: 5 Rules of Online Community Engagement

One of the first steps to building an online community is creating and implementing a community engagement strategy. As you build and grow, keep in mind these five hard and fast rules of community engagement.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Who in Your C-Suite Is in Charge of Digital Transformation?

Without a doubt, there is a need to redefine the role of the marketer for the digital age. But that's not sufficient. Digital is not limited to marketing; change has to originate from the C-Suite to actively lead the transformation to the social business.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Social Media Is Teamwork. Agree?

Every employee plays a part in your business. Letting themselves brand on social media would give you an extra point as an employer. It’s a simple math. Your company’s social value = Your company’s official social media accounts + Each one of your employees’ social score.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)You Should Create Better Content, Not More

Any marketer will tell you they are stretched, that they don’t have time to waste and want actionable answers. The same goes for most people, so when a recent study from Incite Collaborators found that marketers are focused on creating more, not better, content, I knew the market was ripe for a conversation about emotion.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Guerrilla Marketing Goes Tech Savvy: Marketing Automation for Beginners

Marketing automation is not exactly guerrilla marketing (I think the big boys call this bootstrapping now — which can be abbreviated with BS because it’s either time or money, and if you aren’t tech savvy, it’s a whole lotta time, but that’s another story). In the right hands, though, it can allow you to scale your business and manage your leads in a bigger way than you can if you have to do everything by hand.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)7 Things You Must Know About Facebook’s Q2 2014 Earnings

Facebook revealed its Q2 2014 earnings report. Facebook had another strong quarter and Q 2 2014 sets a new benchmark for the company. CEO Mark Zuckerberg further added, “We had a good second quarter. Our community has continued to grow, and we see a lot of opportunity ahead as we connect the rest of the world.”

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Google Adwords vs Facebook Ads: Choosing the Right Marketing Platform

Deciding between Google Adwords and Facebook ads? All eCommerce and small business owners face this choice between the two most powerful pay per click advertising options on the web. Each platform provides unique advantages. For example, the Google keyword tool enables marketers to make highly researched keyword targeting decisions, while Facebook ad’s targeting options deliver extremely precise ads.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)How Visit Philly Crowdsources its Next Ad Campaign

In the travel marketing vertical, destinations are usually amongst the leaders in terms of innovation and trying out new tactics. It boils down to the very core of their role: they represent various stakeholders.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)15 Easy Ways To Come Up With Powerful Blog Topics

The other day I was on the phone with my friend Betty Marton. Betty is a professional writer. I’ve been teaching a course on blogging and she wanted to know how I help my students come up with topics for their blogs.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Can Marketing Lessons Be Learned From Weird Al Yankovic?

Social media has become one of the fastest growing tools for many industries in the last decade. Each week we take a look at how social media has changed, as well as new trends in the industry.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Become a Pinterest Warrior: Social Media Marketing on Pinterest [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is Pinterest part of your social media marketing strategy? Pinterest has 70 million active users worldwide. The social network also generates more traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)5 Twitter Features You Should Use More Often

Most people only use the main features of social media networks. Little do they know that this is the ones usually hidden or less easily accessible, that can be the most useful. Twitter is one of the most used social media platform and is great to engage in conversations with people you wouldn't have probably met in real life, at least not that easily, either for personal or professional purposes. The features below will help you discover how to use Twitter to its fullest.

Kevin HoustonCisco Announces New UCS Fabric Interconnect

This month Cisco announced a new addition to the UCS family – a mini Fabric Interconnect, called the UCS 6324 Fabric Interconnect, which unlike the ones before it plugs directly into the UCS 5108 chassis.  With connectivity for up to 15 servers (8 blade servers and up to 7 direct-connect rack servers), the 6324 is geared toward small environments.

6324 FI Overview

Cisco_UCS_6324FIEach 6324 FI module contains:

  • 16 x 10GbE internal ports (2 per 1/2 width slot)
  • 4 x 10Gb SFP+ external uplink ports
  • 1 x 40Gb QSFP+ scalability port
  • 1 x 10/100/1000 Mbps Management port for out-of-band management


The 4 external uplink ports can be configured as 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet or 2/4/8-Gbps Fibre Channel ports.  The scalability port is designed to allow for connectivity to up to 4 x UCS rack servers with a post-release feature of also allowing a 2nd UCS 5108 chassis to interconnect.

The 6324 FI provides Layer 2 forwarding with support for:

  • VLAN trunks
  • IEEE 802.1Q VLAN encapsulation
  • Support for up to 512 VLANs and 32 virtual SANs (VSANs) per interconnect
  • Jumbo frames on all ports (up to 9216 bytes)
  • Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP): IEEE 802.3ad
  • Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) Versions 1, 2, and 3 snooping
  • Advanced EtherChannel hashing based on Layer 2, 3, and 4 information
  • Pause frames (IEEE 802.3x)
  • Layer 2 IEEE 802.1p (class of service [CoS])

It is also rumored that UPDATEDbased on the information from UCSGuru (below) a new an updated UCS 5108 blade chassis will be coming out soon which will allow for heartbeat and cluster connectivity between the UCS 6324 FI modules inside a chassis as well as support for “dual voltage” power supplies.

Here is a list of additional blogs and websites to visit for more information:


Cisco UCS 6324 Fabric Interconnect Spec Sheet:

“The baby UCS” from TJ’s Thoughts:

“Mini version of Cisco UCS Review – Part 1” from

“Introducing the Cisco UCS 6324 Fabric Interconnect!” – from Partly Cloudy:

“Cisco UCS has had a baby (Mother and Daughterboard doing well)” from


Kevin Houston is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of  He has over 17 years of experience in the x86 server marketplace.  Since 1997 Kevin has worked at several resellers in the Atlanta area, and has a vast array of competitive x86 server knowledge and certifications as well as an in-depth understanding of VMware and Citrix virtualization.  Kevin works for Dell as a Server Sales Engineer covering the Global Enterprise market.

Disclaimer: The views presented in this blog are personal views and may or may not reflect any of the contributors’ employer’s positions. Furthermore, the content is not reviewed, approved or published by any employer.

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In a prior life, I worked for a CEO who fancied himself a great writer, and he liked to demonstrate this by essentially re-writing my email copy. Since I have a good track record at getting responses, this was not a pleasant experience.

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Much like offline conversations, Twitter is at it’s best when it’s not a one-way communication channel. Especially for any size business to be able to use lists and track or engage their prospects, it can be one of the most powerful tools you use. But in order to make it work, you have to engage. This poses a real challenge of sifting through the one billion tweets generated every two days to find the areas and people that matter to you.

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You’ve done everything you can think of to boost your conversion rate via social media, or at least that’s what you think. You follow all the social networking best practices, you post at the optimal times, and you follow back everyone who follows you. But are you using the right pictures?

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With 94% of internet users having an email address, and most of them checking their inboxes on a daily basis, email is the most popular online activity. Especially with the prevalence of mobile technologies, people are always listening. What this means to you as a business owner is that there is a not-so-new personal way of getting in touch with customers! In addition, email offers an easy way to track your success.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Local Marketing Gets A Toy

Yelp is ten years old and they gave everybody else a gift to celebrate, a new toy called Yelp Trends. Now I know it’s a serious tool because it is a decade of data, but is it fun.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Deathwatch: Social Media Innovation is Not Dying

In the late 90s, some organization declared the World Wide Web over. The prediction of the web’s demise was based on the decline in the number of press releases announcing the launch of a new corporate website.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Digital Marketing Technology

If there is one powerful outcome from the advancement of technology it would be marketing. Gone are the days of running an ad in the local paper and wondering if anyone saw it.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)How To Build Brand Awareness Through Internet Marketing

There are many channels (like social media, search engines, blogging, etc.) when it comes to building brand awareness and marketing your products and services on the Internet.

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“If these walls could speak…” The phrase invokes wonder and horror, depending on who you are, and what may have happened within the walls in question. Surprisingly, we’re now at a place in history where we can envision a time where the walls might actually be able to speak. And the imagination of this scenario invokes utopian and dystopian visions of what the extreme scenarios might be.

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)6 Steps to Filling Big Brands’ Real-Time Marketing Shoes

The first brands that come to mind these days when many of us think of real-time marketing are FIFA World Cup-related and the Oreo Super Bowl tweet. But those are big real-time marketing shoes to fill, especially when the national and global events that inspired them don’t happen every day. However, we don’t have to walk in their big shoes to leverage opportunities at just the right time, with just the right message, and befitting our customers’ personal values.

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"Dear Socially Stephanie, I have a great idea, but the problem is I don't have enough money to start my business. I was thinking about doing a crowdfunding campaign. Do you have any tips to help me make my campaign a success?"

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The World Cup was the most tweeted about event in Twitter's history, with hundreds of big businesses attempting to use the tournament to help market their brand. But what can smaller businesses learn from the best, and the worst, of those tweets?

Hollis Tibbetts (Social Media Today)Should Brands Abandon Facebook?

Should Brands Abandon Facebook? My answer to this rhetorical question is yes - unless you are willing to rethink your Facebook strategy and spend money to sponsor your company page posts. While you do not have to spend a large sum of money, my experience has shown that Facebook organic reach is rapidly diminishing and it is almost not worth the effort to continue with the "free lunch" approach.